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photographic style-workshop

Finding your own signature image style

A step-by-step method with which you will find a compelling photographic style for your business which attracts your ideal clients and makes you stand out from the crowd on social media.

In our workshop, you'll get clarity on these points:

How to stand out from the masses with strong imagery

A step-by-step method, through which you'll find a clear photographic style for your brand which will be sure to stand out in the crowd.

Communicating your brand values through images

Learn how to communicate your brand's most important values (whether it be home-grown, equality, natural, or authenticity).

How to raise a desired emotion in your viewer

Learn how to create compelling images which captivate your viewer and raise emotion in them which drives them to taking action.

How to create a coherent social media feed

A dedicated photobank for social media images is a concept which completely changes the game for your content creation process! With this repeatable model, you'll begin to free yourself of the stress that social media content creation can bring and from the feeling of always being behind on what to post.


We have learned just how important a strong photographic style is through trial and error, and through making lots of mistakes. But you can start creating coherent content, avoiding all of these mistakes!

There are a few stumbling blocks which small business owners often encounter when taking photos to market their product or service on Instagram or Facebook.

The result of these tumbles is either a lack of unity in your instagram feed or the same style as everyone else is creating.

It is however possible to stand out from the crowd by building a strong foundation for your photographic style.

Join this workshop to learn the steps you need to take to find your own photographic style, so that you can attract your dream clients on social media through compelling imagery!

”First social post created using the colour palette from my moodboard and I am so excited that my own style is starting to take shape! :sparkles: Thank you for this course so much!”

”I warmly recommend this to everyone! Definitely the most inspiring training I’ve ever been in! Absolutely the best! 😍”

This training is made just for you if...

Are you ready to finally stand out with your social media photos?